Sunday, October 21, 2007

What Are Ramifications of "Mayoral Financial Emergency"?

Here's an email someone sent me that is pretty good:


So Mr. Dogg I was wondering about something and thought you might have some insight. So we know that Wednesday the City Council is going to discuss the mayor's request to declare a "fiscal emergency" so he can get his phone tax passed in February with a simple majority.

What are the ramifications of the city council declaring an emergency? According to the city charter when a "state of emergency" is declared, the mayor pretty much is king of the kingdom. He can hire and fire people at will without any oversight.

He can pretty much spend whatever he wants to spend without any oversight. The emergency operations center gets activated. Now this is all with a state of emergency. Is that the same thing as a fiscal emergency? If it is I don't think we want our genius mayor with that much authority. He and his people could not have thought this through. There have to be some other ramifications of delcaring this emergency. Maybe he's smarter than his track record and he has thought it through and he's up to something. I think he is just trying to pull a quick one on us with his "tax reduction".

Wouldn't it be beautiful if he declared an emergency and that somehow opened the door for Special Order 40 to be invoked? Or it allowed the LAPD to spend lots and lots on overtime, because we're in a state of emergency and they have to staff the emergency command center? There has to be something he is overlooking. Anyway, I thought I'd run it by you and see if you can do anything with it. Thanks for all you do for the citizens of Los Angeles.


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