Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fabian Nunez' Excessive Spending: Is The REAL Shadiness Is In The CAMPAIGN SPENDING?

From Zuma's Inbox (zumadogg@gmail.com) regarding a new angle to explore regarding Nunez' "Glamorous Life" and excessive spending.


Here's another scoop you can beat the LA times too.

The recent articles on Nunez's excessive spending was focused on personal items purchased with campaign monies.

They missed the REAL crimes in campaign spending.

Look at the Campaign spending reports of many of these electeds...look at the payments to campaign consultants...

Hundreds of thousands of dollars of donated dollars being funneled into consultants for campaigns?

Nunez ran UNOPPOSED, how much campaign literature went out to his district, all he needed was ONE vote to win.

Where did all these campaign dollars go? Not to mailers, not to robo-phone calls.

Did it go to extensive campaign research and polls???

Or did it go to personal friends under the shadow of campaign workers -- and campaign advisers?

Or were there kick backs from these so called campaign consultants?

For example, Gil Cedillo raised over $300,000 for his election -- and spent it mostly on consultants and gifts -- but ran NO CAMPAIGN. (He had a built-in 80/20 advantage by the way Sacramento stacked the deck in district boundary's.)

You need to keep up the pressure on this SHADY bunch.

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