Monday, October 8, 2007

LA Times Starting To Pick Up On Zuma Times Concerns Over Statewide Nonprofit Corruption, Thank You!

LA Times..."And there's one more thing these two high rollers have in common (Schwarzenegger and Nunez): They're both bending rules of ethics, if not snapping them in half. Schwarzenegger's little nonprofit is well-fed with donations from people who don't have to disclose their identity. So not only is it unclear who's paying for the governor's travels, but the tax write-off for donors, and the use of a charitable organization to fund luxury travel, are arguably a corruption of the tax code."

Zuma Times...Esscue me? Wasn’t Zuma Dogg aksing for LAANE to disclose all of their donors? Zuma Dogg doesn’t see why they wouldn’t? (Unless there was something to hide?) Obviously, the nonprofits know who all of their donors are!

For example, there’s this "little" nonprofit called LAANE (LA Alliance for a "Neutered" Economy). Some people say it Villaraigosa's Think Tank.

LAANE takes donations from the "public" whose identity LAANE doesn’t have to disclose. And LAANE's paid executive -- who gets paid from tax-exempt donations -- is sitting on the CRA board making decisions concerning developers and multimillion (or billion) dollar projects!

I DON'T KNOW ABOUT THE LA TIMES...BUT THE ZUMA TIMES IS CALLING FOR LAANE TO DISCLOSE THEIR COMPLETE DONOR LIST! (Why wouldn’t you? Just because it isn’t a law, doesn’t mean you cannot still be ethical, anyway.)

And I bet we would see some very familiar names that we all know. That would be cool…cause LAANE is GOOD, y’all!

Click here for LA Times article on Nucklehead Nunez and his modest, undisclosed, middle-class lifestyle.

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