Saturday, October 20, 2007

Is This The REAL Inside Scoop Regarding SW Museum, Autry, Griffith Park and Latham & Watkins?

Here's an anonymous comment someone posted on Mayor Sam's Blog. It's regarding the Southwest Museum, Autry and Griffith Park. Not the typical stuff you read in newspapers, but the type of stuff people whisper in ZD's ear.

Members of the Los Angeles press will be shocked to learn that going to an event at the Southwest Museum does not always involve having to pass two guarded checkpoints and a determination that you are on the list of people "allowed" to come to a an event with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Councilmember Jose Huizar.

Yes, this Sunday, anyone can walk onto the SW Museum property. They can even go on a behind-the-scenes tour where the Autry will tell them everything about saving the Collection and nothing about the REAL future plan of Autry for the Southwest: to sell the building away for the highest price possible once they take the Collection to Griffith Park.

Why else would the Autry put on a flashy press conference at the Southwest Museum on September 27th trying to create the impression that the Autry has a concrete plan to save the Southwest Museum while at the same time Latham & Watkins, PCR Services Corporation, and the City Department of Recreation and Parks write and issue a Draft EIR for the expansion in Griffith Park that DENIES there is any plan for the future of the Southwest Museum?

Why is it that Autry and Latham & Watkins refuse to acknowledge that the removal of the Southwest Museum's world-class collection to Griffith Park will have a negative effect on the National Register of Historic Places significance of the Southwest Museum? Could it be that Autry does not want City officials to understand that approving the expansion in Griffith Park will ENABLE and ASSIST the Autry in its effort to breach Merger Agreement promises to preserve the independence and separate identity of the Southwest Museum?

How much did Autry and Latham promise the Mayor for his help in screwing over his neighbors and friends from his old neighborhood? What was Huizar's price for going along and not fighting for the museum?

The potential and totally preventable loss of the Southwest Museum is about to become a visible symbol of the utter corruption of our City Hall.

The takeover of the Southwest Museum will enable Autry to DOUBLE THE SIZE OF THE AUTRY IN GRIFFITH PARK.

By placing the Southwest Museum artifacts in the Autry, the Autry hopes to be "certified". This will enable them to get millions more in funds for building the building additions including the monster of a multilevel parking lot and and upscale restaurant. Naturally, the Freeway entrances will have to be adjusted and all the surrounding roads will have to be widened.

Oh, sorry members of the Press. Sorry for interrupting your snooze over this story.

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