Sunday, October 21, 2007

New Video and Emails From Upset LAUSD Parents

LAUSD Parents Contact ZD Over Stonewall Tactics and Safety Issues:

ZD Video Recap of LAUSD Parental Input (To ZD)

ZD's INBOX: Hey, Zuma, You might want to check out the foothills forum index. It is a web site for our community and then some. There are some interesting threads on the schools around here. My oldest child told me there were 5 fights today and one planned for after school. She witnessed one of the fights. She said two girls were b**ch slapping each other. Where is all the supervision the school keeps saying they have?

ZD' s INBOX: Hello, Yes the stuff that is happening in the tujunga area is true. Kids are afraid to go to class in fear that they are going to be poked with or should I say stabbed with mechanical pencils and the administration is playing dumb. There is minimal supervision at this middle school because the Principal wants everyone to think that things are under control. There are an average of three fights a week in or around this school and parents are starting to get concerned, me in particular. The Principal claims to be too busy to be involved in parent meeting that concern the safety of their children. I demanded that the principal be involved in a meeting between myself and the father of another boy who was assaulting my son on a regular basis, and she acted like we as parents were wasting her time......Big Big problems at this school..

ZD's INBOX: You know, ZD, the way my friend talks about you reminds me of a guy I went to High School with. His name was (Joe Smith). He used to sit next to me in 9th grade. He would get up early every morning to go to the beach to surf and then get back in time for school. He was a really nice guy. I was very shy when I was young and he was just about the only guy who ever talked to me as though I was just like everyone else. I have a very soft spot in my heart for surfers because of him. He was a very smart and I often wonder what became of him. Hope you have a great weekend. Keep me informed when you can.

ZD's INBOX: Dear Zuma Dogg, My name is [LAUSD parent] and I am a parent of two children at the school my friends told you about. I understand her fear in not wanting to tell you specifics, but for me, well, I want to see them pay for what they are doing to my kids. The school is Mt. Gleason Middle School and the Principal is Ms. Debora Acosta.

My oldest daughter is the student body Vice President this year. As the VP she and the other student body reps are supposed to organize school functions like dances, fund-raisers and such. This year they wanted to put on a Haunted House that would be held after school and the community would be invited. The principal is not allowing it.

So far this year, the student body reps. are being prevented from doing any of the things they are supposed to be doing. So what exactly are these kids doing during their Leadership Class? Trying to come up with something that would be acceptable to the Principal!

Our test scores went down last year. My honors student's State test scores went down as well. I asked her about it, my kids talk to me about everything as I don't believe in punishing them for bad grades as long as they did their best. She said that a lot of the stuff on the test was not covered in class or was gone over too quickly for the kids to grasp. I don't blame the teachers as they were doing a great job the year before. I blame the new changes that were forced on everyone last year by the "new kid on the block". The kids for the most part can't stand her. Okay, so it's not a popularity contest. My kids used to love school! Now they ask why they have to go.

ZD's INBOX: The Parents thank you for your help. Just the attention you have given it, is more than most of them get from the administration.

ZD's INBOX: Zuma, I appreciate all that you do. I am a LAUSD Parent of 2 Students. I am an Advocate/Activist fighting for our local schools in Sunland-Tujunga. I have a school in my Community that represents everything you are saying about LAUSD.

I need to discuss this with you as it will help what you are doing. I am a "No Home Depot supporter and saw you at City Hall. I took my daughter and neice, with me to the Hearing (9th grader and 6th grader), so that they could see Government in action.

I feel that kids are a major missing piece of the Puzzle, there are so many of them and their rights are being ignored, the City and School Board should tell these children to their faces, why they are making bad decisions for them.

I started every sentence with "I" since it "is " all about me , Maybe I should run for City Council? All kidding aside, Please contact me, as I have contact with Many parents and local Community Members. We may be able to help each other.

Sunland Parent

ZD's INBOX: "I would appreciate if you could forward this info to the parent from Mt. Gleason: There's no reason that they shouldn't be able to have an after-school haunted house for their student body as well as their community. None that I can even imagine. I take that back, if they don't have a parent association there, e.g. Booster Club and/or PTA, there might be insurance issues. Not to mention that the Risk Management Dept. of LAUSD makes it virtually impossible to have something on campus that you could find at any community event, like a Street Fair or Farmers Market. We couldn't even have a stupid giant inflatable slide. Forget face painting or dunk tanks, rock climbing walls or bands. So, yeah, now that I think about it, I can imagine Risk Management saying "Uh ... sorry, no", like I've heard from them dozens and dozens of times. And ... LAUSD now CHARGES schools for using LAUSD facilities for events like that. Next spring, I'm gearing up for a real fight because at our yearly "carnival" (just a few homemade game stands, a bounce house, food, REAL simple stuff, no rides or anything crazy) we may have to pay some crazy fee to have it when we've never ever ever had to before.

So yeah, make your PTAs pay a fee to you while we're trying to raise money for shit that you're (LAUSD) supposed to be paying for. Does that make any sense?? I'd call that biting the hand that's trying to help feed you. Not only that, now our Brownie troop is being told we may have to pony up $500 (payable to LAUSD) in order to have our after-school meetings on school grounds. Nice. That basically wipes out our account with no money left for trips or craft supplies or anything. I'm so pissed off, I can't even tell you. Stealing money from Girl Scouts. Lovely."


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