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YouTube Video: Tony Robbins LIVE – Master Hypnotherapy Practitioner [Loser Merchenary Spinflys Learn From The Master You Wish You Could Be!]

Tony Robbins LIVE – Master Hypnotherapy Practitioner, in Action, Spreading Good and Creating Value While Up-selling You On His Next Seminar At The Same Time, And There’s Nothing Wrong With That in A Capitalist Society

With the Tony Robbins LIVE in Long Beach full page ad on page 29 of this week’s LA Weekly, and Zuma Dogg’s full page (plus) article on the page 30 flipside, I consider it nothing less than a quantum event, and don’t try and talk me out of it.

See, first there was Deming. Then, one night, while watching the Robbins infomercial back in the 90’s, I noticed some “Deming-speak” in his pitch, so I picked up the phone the next day and called Robbins Research International, in San Diego, the next day to inquire into any Deming connection.

Sure enough, as if they would have denied a chance to create rapport with a potential client on the hook, I mean phone, they did indeed satisfy ZD that Robbins was reflecting a Deming-style message in his own. And they sent me off a cassette (medium of the time) from an actual seminar. I loved it, and was at the four-day event in Irvine a couple weeks later.

And to make a long story short, at one of the events, when I was resisting it the most, the shady huckster ran an NAC pattern on me (Robbins’ umbrella title “Neuro-Associative-Conditioning” similar to NLP, based on Ericksonian Hypnotherapy) – broke my limiting pattern – and unleashed the singing, dancing, emotion-driven performer who ended up using it for TV 35 cameras instead of Comedy Central cameras. Even better!

So when I saw his bus board in Venice announcing his August Long Beach appearance (four-day weekend event), I called to see if I could pump Tony for a free ticket. Then the next day, BAM, I’m calling back to say check the other side the page of your full page LA Weekly ad. (So I’m calling that a quantum event. And don’t try and talk me out of it.)

Anyway, I just did a Google search for some “Tony Robbins” videos, and I found a really fantastic example of him doing some SERIOUS “practitioning” (known as “spin” to you politicians and paid mercenaries) for Al Gore and an audience of some corporate big shots for some Google conference, or something.

First of all, it’s great to have recent, great quality video of Tony on “Google Video” and “YouTube” and it reminded me how entertaining it is to observe Tony working two magic angles at the same time:

Whenever Tony steps on the stage, he is delivering the product he promises and is providing you with a priceless service that I know of no one else who can deliver – and providing you much more value than expected (most fans would agree); and he is putting you in a “peak state” (most desirable frame of mind) to feel like pulling out your credit card and putting down a deposit on his next seminar, the same way Disneyland makes you feel like buying a bunch of their products while you are in the park.

And because Robbins deals in “emotions”, “states of mind”, “knowledge” and “concepts” -- many of which he admittedly synthesized from many, many other top experts (just like ZD is proud to admit to) however, in both our cases, it’s all in the delivery.

And I feel Robbins, if nothing else, is the single most entertaining and compelling stage performer anywhere. And he’s removing your limiting beliefs and conditioning your subconscious for success and empowering you and creating the perfect conditions and perfectly crafted “improv” speeches, where he is actually running hypnotherapy sessions on the crowd, covering every and any possible limiting belief or negative association that may be preventing you from achieving your maximum potential, until he eventually covers hits your home, interrupts the old, un-empowering pattern/belief and replaces it with the “glass half full” pattern in your mind.

See, luckily for us, Tony is able to achieve all his entrepreneurial goals and fulfill whatever his needs are, by selling “good”. In a global capitalist economy, where corporations place a high value on the knowledge and results that Tony seems to be delivering, at least perceptually to people (cause he hasn’t sold one ticket that wasn’t through positive word of mouth, and at HIS prices, that ain’t easy when you don’t walk out of the room with a shopping bag or tangible item.

So while he is sending you out of the room in whatever peak range of emotion allows you to feel it is worth the price of admission and an entire weekend’s worth of time, he is also removing the same limiting beliefs and creating the good feelings to put you in the proper “frame of mind” to make you wanna BEG his salespeople to LET you sign up for his next seminar.

And in this case, Tony is appearing for one of his short corporate keynote speeches (and although anyone paying the expensive price tag for his 20-30 minute appearance will tell you the cost was a meaningless joke compared to the experience) – to Tony, it’s just an opportunity for him to get in front of a bunch of “all the right people” to try and up-sell them to his next seminar.

So as long as you can afford the ticket, and aren’t taking out a mortgage on your house, or cleaning out your kids college fund to attend his Mastery University Annual Seminar, clear the calendar, and allow yourself to be turned hypnotized into loving Tony Robbins and when you go back to the real world on Monday, you’ll notice all types of improvements in your life that you weren’t even aware you were being conditioned for.

For example, you may have showed up to see Tony Robbins to help you come up with a financial strategy for your business, and you end up losing fifty pounds in four months while he was addressing that issue and you weren’t even noticing.

Or you show up at the event with your kid because of discipline problems and you end up losing the desire to smoke, or you start having better feelings for you in-laws.

I know many of the people reading this are so f-ing suspicious and skeptical of Tony Robbins and THEY DON’T NEED HIM!!! AND HE’S NOT SO SMART!!! AND I’M WAY MORE POWERFUL THAN HE IS…I WORK FOR “SO AND SO!!!”

SO WHAT??? You don’t say that to yourself before you walk into Staples Center to see the Lakers, or you don’t begrudge Springsteen cause everyone loves him and he’s making so much money, or whatever it is you do to make yourself feel good.

And in Tony’s case, even the most hardcore disbelievers who are dragged into the room by parents, or bosses who FORCE their employees to attend the four-day event, OR ELSE usually walk away experiencing some kind of life-changing breakthrough that massively improves the quality of their life.

Now in some cases, Tony’s events are a luxury you cannot afford and just like Grateful Deadheads who can get too caught up in the Robbins culture and it consumes their lifestyle. But to most people reading this, the only reason you would never go see Tony Robbins isn’t a financial barrier…it’s the exact f*cking barrier you need to see him for that is preventing you from giving in and enjoying the event like the best Bruce Springsteen concert or Broadway play ever, that just may reframe your subconscious mind to allow you to communicate with your self and others in a way that enhances all areas of your life (physical, financial, spiritually, emotionally) and causes you to feel the type of pride and joy in everything you do that effortlessly allows you to look back a month or two later and notice measurable results, be it in pounds, dollars or esteem. And you can’t put a price on that. I hope you start the seminar by making the decision to allow yourself to attend the seminar and enjoy Tony at face value, without worrying about what he is getting out of it. There’s a reason people are flying in from all over the country and all over the world for this event. And now, you can finally find out for yourself.

This YouTube video shows how he is selling you for the next seminar, while conditioning the room for “higher levels of achievement”. I don’t expect you to see it all the first time through…call me or email if you want me to try and explain the subtext to you). Pay special attention to the end when he “runs out of time”. And everytime a graphic comes up, he’s conditioning you for a “purchase” frame of mind. The whole thing is to put you in a purchasing frame of mind. So what…he’s a one man campaign machine, and to the mayor sam crowd…I have been begging you to check him out at this level.

THAT’S IT…FINAL NOTICE…FROM HERE ON IN YOU HAVE TO PAY ME $500 an hour to point it out to you and explain it to you.

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