Monday, July 16, 2007

Hey Mayor Antonio: It's Not The Blogs and Talk Show Hosts...It's "The Ceasar Syndrome"

Dear Mayor Antonio,

You know that although ZD is no fan of your policy and agenda, I feel empathy for you regarding all the media attention being focused on you.

Perhaps the blogs and talk show hosts sparked some bad PR that blew up to "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" status, and the boos at that sports game, and whatnot.

Intense media spotlight is a tough thing to take, no matter who you are, because people weren't mean to live under this level of media scrutinty, where you have to answer to every joe schmoe with a camcorder in your face at a press conference.

BUT DON'T SHOOT THE MESSENGER...The reason all of this bad PR is coming out is not because of the current medium (blogs, radio, newspapers)'s because there are former supporters of yours, who are now disgruntled and disenfranchised by all this bad PR. They feel they just lost their investment. People have a lot tied into Antonio emotionally, as well as financially. They knew him back then, watched him rise...the original "People's Champ".

So now, perhaps some of those people are selling you out and making sure this stuff gets out there, whatever the medium. If we were still living in the native days, your scorned supporters would be sending "smoke signals". If you pissed off Fred and Barney, they would be passing out stone tablets.

Perhaps it will help you feel better to know that there really was no way to prevent this from getting out. People can hack this blog, or wish John and Ken would just shut up...but when your opponents decide it's time for the info to get out into the mind of the's gonna get out there, whether it's a message in a bottle or pony express...and in this electronic era, that's a genie you can no longer count on keeping in the bottle.

THE BEST THING TO DO...IS START RUNNING EVERY SINGLE F*CKING STATEMENT AND APPEARANCE THROUGH THE "ART OF WAR"/"MARKETING WARFARE" FILTER, LIKE ZD DOES EVERY DAY...and when Anthony Robbins is in town in August, maybe you can have a private consultation with him sometime before, or after. Just aks Bill Clinton...I SWEAR ZD knew the day Clinton worked with Robbins, cause I saw it in his next speech.

[Just ask Bill about "anchoring", the hand gestures, and how to watch the verbage.]

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