Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Thanks to Los Angeles Blog for MASSIVE ZD Coverage Today (ZD fills in as "guest editor")

Thanks so much to Zach Behrens and for inviting Big ZD to be guest day editor for the Los Angeles culture blog. More content will be added throughout the day, but Zack must know how to aks all the right questions, because I admitted WAAAAAAY too much in the interview. (Mayor Sam readers are probably aware of some of the stuff I mention, but it may be a surprise to the wider, more mainstream LAist audience.

Plus, remember, ZD's "tribute" to Eli "The Broadfather" Broad's Grand Avenue Project in LA Weekly is still on newstands today.

Click here for EXCLUSIVE and way too revealing ZD INTERVIEW on LAist.

Click here for "Dear City Council, Love Zuma Dogg" on

ZD Mayor of LA Campaign Speech on

ZD LAist "public access" thread

ZD "SUBWAY TO THE SEA" POLL on (Oh no...the mayor's spinflys are gonna vote a million times for their side!)

Thank you wrap up and links to ZD electronic media links

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