Monday, July 30, 2007

Council President Eric Garcetti Wants You To Be Positive When Showing Up For Public Comment: "People are against this, against that." (Sorry, Eric!)



Q: What people can do to start getting involved and Garcetti gave four tips:

1. Be Positive:...People are against this, against that. But when something is good, public comment is a field of crickets. A good example was this past Wednesday at (public comment) where every comment was positive.

Is that the point #1 point Eric?: Come on down to city hall with positive comments. You may be against that skyscraper being built that is kicking you out of your life-long business or residence in violation of enough reasons to trigger a DA investigation. And we may have even admitted that we have been kicking people out of these life long businesses and residences in violation of City Charter law; and we may do thing in violation of Federal law, that destroys lives, while me and my cronies profit:

But when you spend all your time coming down to city hall to address us, try and use the time, not to speak out "against" the shady agenda items that are destroying lives;

But try and use your time -- not to address an problem you would like us to fix, but try and use your trip to speak UP about some of the GOOD things we have already done in the city. You know, the things that we say on OUR time, all the time, as we grandstand and thank each other throughout the meeting for all of our hard work and good thing that we do.

You know, try and make every public comment, more like a "presentation and proclamation" and less of an opportunity to express grievences that we can take action to improve for you and the community as your elected representatives. John F. Kennedy once said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what YOU can do for your country." Well, I'd like to say as you COUNCIL President, "Ask not what WE can do for you, tell us some of the good things we have already done." And that's how you can start to become more involved.

[ZD CAMPAIGN STRATEGY: Eric, see here's the problem. The problem isn't really as bad as you are trying to make it appear to seem. We all know you don't like ZD notifying the people of your shadiness on your own City cameras and TV station, but let's not confuse that with a few moments of loud speech. (I mean how much loud-talk has there been in '07? Take a look on the city website. search "zuma dogg" for all comments and see and hear for yourself.)

So the people you are speaking to are not saying, "Yeah, that is a problem." And if there are people who feel you are talking about people like ZD, well many of those respondants would probably say the corrupt politicians deserve it anyway, and are glad someone is doing what you are trying to lead them to believe is happening at a disproportionate level.

And yes, some folks...mostly the choir you are preaching to (like COS' shady Jaycees that isn't an open Jaycees, but a mere schill to gather a database and contacts for a CM run)...WILL feel that ZD's occasional voice raising...and it hasn't been twice in six months (and even then it's just "loud", not YELLING!!!), is far worse than what the politicians are doing behind their back.

So you have to play the percentages.

Eric and people protecting the corruption...I can tell you, and your market research can confirm it...people do not have the same perception and emotions to the issue you raise. So all you are doing is sending a mixed-neurological association. Because as soon as you say that...most of the people are either saying, "Ha Ha..yeah, I love those guys when they do that...totally hilarious!" Or, "Yeah...those shady politicians deserve it!"

And the ones who are OUTRAGED at those negative public comment speakers...well they were probably on your side (voting for you in their mind) anyway...

So what you should say is...

The first thing I would do, is call your councilmembers office and tell them your issue or comment and see if they can have someone get back to you with an answer or let you know if there is anything you can do next.

Or, you can come down, straight to public comment and address us in person. And although it takes a lot of time and cooperation from many different people and departments, all too many times, before we see the results of these efforts, there have been many occasion in recent months where people have voiced an opinion over community issues, and we were able to accomodate those requests and have even created new laws and have become much more mindful of many civic issues within the City.

No city of this size and complex demographic will ever be able to please everyone all at once, but if there is something you feel strongly about, let us know, and it helps to get others in your community involved with you as well.

Or, just send Zuma Dogg and email, or call him on his cell phone and he might get pissed off and tell the whole f*cking city, for you.


Anonymous said...

Dude: I was at the Jaycees and those weren't Garcetti's words about public comment at council, he was speaking about hearings for things like planning projects where people should say negative things when it is negative, but they should occasionally say positive things. The author's summary was his words, not Garcetti's. Send some love. Garcetti (bless his soul) has made you a star and you owe him. And the Jaycees are for real, dog.

Zuma Dogg said...

As you can see, I don't have comments on this blog, cause I like them to all go on mayor sam and this is more of an "archive" blog. (I get all comments sent to my email box, and I read each and every one, however.)

But, in this case, I wanted to have the reader's comment posted because they are claiming those weren't Eric's words and the author summarized, I wanted it to be posted for the record.

However, I would like to add, since I am publishing the entire comment:

Whether it is public comment at a Council meeting or Planning Committee hearing, or whatever; that doesn't change the point I was making.

And I always planned on making efforts to highlight/bring attention to positive actions the City takes...but when you only have two minutes, you kinda end up getting stuck having to use all the time to comment on what is wrong that needs attention, rather than proclamations on what has improved. (That can be for council to declare.)

HOWEVER, you may have noticed on Friday August 3, first public comment since I read the story where Eric expressed his frustration, I spent the entire time calling attention to two major positive actions that Council took at the request of the people, regarding housing.

Not because Eric was whining about it, but because it IS important for people to know that it is NOT a complete waste of time to make the effort on the people's part, because Council will take steps to improve the situation, upon occasion. Not that it's easy...not that they still don't all deserve to be thrown out of office for what they are doing, otherwise...

But the more people that participate in the process, the more the City will put some oil on that squeaky wheel.

ZD ain't naive. I don't think politicians do ANYTHING except for legal reasons (like DA investigation into the City's Housing Dept, or potential legal challenges)...OR, the public pressure that causes them to take action before it becomes a PR/politcal problem.

So that's fine...if that's what it takes, at least there are some occasional victories, just enough to make it worth everyone's time who decides to get involved.

BUT TO SAY, Eric made me a star and I owe him...well you couldn't be more inaccurate. First of all, if I am a star (in whatever context you refer to), it had ZERO percent to do with Eric. That's a real insult. Eric didn't spend the thousands of minutes on the phone with me providing me the info I presented publicly. He didn't show up and do the talking for me, take on all the heat, don all the internet research.

And if you knew the strings he tried to pull behind the scenes to throw ZD into the meat grinder...well now you should be thanking me for ANYTHING but 100% anti-Eric talk from the podium.

And the Jaycee's ARE for real...but NOT that Chapter and the regional Jaycees authority should be looking into them.

Isn't it just a shady front to help a certain COS get some grass roots traction support (and a database) going for his CM run when his boss is termed out?