Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Zuma Dogg's Shameless Revealing Interview for Los Angeles'


Man, what was I thinking when I revealed WAY too much than I am comfortable with in today's interview today. Here's a non-personal question and answer and I'm glad Zach from LAist aksed the question. (Sure beats, "What do I think about the mayor?")

8. Any recommendations to people who are yearning to speak up to local government?

Yes, do it! Point is, if I didn’t feel there was effectiveness toward all of the community’s efforts, I wouldn't keep showing up to the meetings, calling radio, blogging and pushing so hard.

And there is a “network” of community leaders and activists who all know each other and three-way call each other and email. They all know who they are, and we all help each other toward the same common goal of civic improvement. (To put it mildly.)

When we look back over the past year, or so; new laws have been created, old laws are being followed, first amendment issues at City Hall itself (see Brown Act) have been hammered out, a lot of people’s eyes have been opened and this new electronic era has been a big help. When I made my first appearance at City Hall in April ’06, no one had really heard of youtube (and even less had actually seen it.) Now I have people coming up to me that have only seen me on youtube. And the fact that people stop me on the street everyday, all over the city, from East LA to Venice tell me they see me or hear me means that it is working. Especially when they take time to tell me their stories.

And with AM talk radio, City TV 35, blogs and added media. They don’t make these changes all the time (and I say none of the time) because they WANT to, they make these changes because they have to out of the public pressure, not only from constituents, but from their cronies, associates and superiors.

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