Sunday, April 19, 2009

VIDEO: MSNBC Cameraman Assaults Citizen on Public Sidewalk aOutside NBC Tonight Show Studios During Barack Obama Appearance

Here's exclusive video of Zuma Dogg being assaulted (grabbed and pushed) by an MSNBC camera man on the public sidewalk in front of the NBC Tonight Show studios in Burbank when Barack Obama appeared with Jay Leno. The police took down his name and Zuma Dogg is deciding whether to file a report against the crew member. No matter how obnoxious you may feel I was being...TOUGH F*CK! If you don't want a guy making noise in front of your INTERNATIONAL MSNBC REPORT -- DON'T DO IT ON THE PUBLIC SIDEWALK...GO ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE YELLOW TAPE. And the reason the police followed up after ZD showed the video to them, is because NO MATTER HOW MUCH I MAY HAVE BEEN RIGHT OR are not allowed to defend a video shoot with physical assaults. The camera man should have had security or the police take care of any violations. (THE PLACE WAS CRAWLING WITH SECRET SERVICE AND SECURITY...THERE OBVIOUSLY WAS NO LEGAL PROBLEM ON MY END!)

But what makes matters worse, is afterwards, when I walked back to try and get names and find out where they were from, the other crew member threatened me by saying, "You better bounce!" He kept repeating, "You better bounce!" AND went on to say that I had no evidence that the camera guy pushed me" and he added, "I will testify that he didn't push you and are making it up." (WHY HE WOULD SAY THAT WHEN CLEARLY I WAS RECORDING THE ENTIRE EVENT IS JUST ONE REASON WHY I SHOULD FOLLOW UP WITH POLICE AND A LAWSUIT.) I made several efforts to address this issue with NBC management, but they gave ZD the we'll see what happens.


"Zuma Dogg is the only American comedian today bearing the comedy-genius thrown once borne by Lenny Bruce and Andy Kaufman." - Cleveland Plain Dealer.

"Brain-seizing artistry." - LA Weekly

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