Friday, April 3, 2009

Daily News Article on City Council's "Dog & Pony Show" Friday (Featuring color photo of L.A. City Icon Zuma Dogg)

Glad to see a newspaper (Daily News) finally do a story on Los Angeles City Clowncil's "Dog and Pony Show" Friday's. I don't want to start complaining about the waste of time and money, and how they many times end up losing a quorum (no time for business after the paid kiss-ass session for friends and cronies) and people who show up for those items that get bumped end up wasting several hours waiting, only to have to come back another day. It's a disgrace, but how else does a disgraced body behave?
AND OF COURSE, you cannot do a story about City Council without the standard Zuma Dogg mention and color photo. Yes, Zuma Dogg has inserted and entrenched hisself into the L.A. political scene and walks away an "icon."
Zuma Dogg, who speaks out at every L.A. City Council meeting, speaks with City Councilman Bill Rosendahl in a corner during a recent session. (Tina Burch/Staff Photographer)

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