Sunday, December 30, 2007

Zuma Dogg Year End Report (Mega-Master Shady Report)

Thanks to everyone who checked into this blog and Mayor Sam's Sister City Blog (the real political heat) this past year.

Special thanks to everyone who I met in person at various meetings, spoke with on the phone and corresponded with via email. There isn't a single person that I met this year that didn't provide me with something that went into my blogging and comments. (All the answers are within the community, and the corrupt politicians are not fooling these people. See Dirt Burnell.)

And a very special thanks to the (not so) short list of people who spent endless hours tutoring Zuma Dogg with endless legalese -- getting me to the point where I could spit it back in a two minute public comment rant. (And I know it can be a torturous process getting me to that point. Alright, I know it is a torturous process.)

And a special, special thanks to everyone who took my call (who would have been in big trouble if their bosses knew) -- and all the people who contacted me, outright, against their boss' interests.)

Thanks to all the talk show hosts, locally and nationally that let me get my two cents in, many times for five minutes at a time, or more. (And thanks to Kevin James of KRLA AM-870 for playing ZD's Holiday Song, "Proposition S Going Down". Perhaps time for an encore this week when Kevin discusses Prop. S. 9p-11p on 870 AM.)

Zuma Dogg - "Proposition S Goin' Down" (Holiday Song)

BIGGEST ZD STORY OF 2007 ended up having nothing to do with City Hall, at all. For all my hundreds of hours blasting City Hall shadiness and inefficiency, the one "anomoly" of a story ended up being not only the biggest story of the year, but the biggest financial story in the past decade according to the news wires: I tried to warn everyone on May 5, 2007. Here's the Google Search of frantic posting across multiple blogs on that day -- warning of sub prime crisis triggering recession fears .

It all started to come true three months later, and we are still talking about it more than anything else from a financial standpoint as I type this. (So not only did I go out on a limb on this story out of my usual range, I went out BIG, and I think I made the right decision. So look for a little more of this in '08. A lot more, actually. I have excellent advisers.)

Meanwhile, here's something to keep you busy over the New Year's Weekend:

Zuma Dogg's "Mega-Master Shady Report" (Quarterly Newsletter of all ZD stories/Political Shadiness that robs the community, county and state.) If I blogged or commented about it in '07, you can find it here:

Zuma's Mega-Master Shady Report

FIRST TWO ISSUES OF 2008: LAUSD/Charter Reform (including Clinton Foundation billionaire cronies) and Proposition S (and Zuma's new "No on Prop S" song to the tune of Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" called, "Please Stop Deceiving.")

Zuma Dogg - "Prop S Punk" (Original "Sex Pistols-style" song about Proposition S)

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