Sunday, December 9, 2007

Grand Avenue Project Problems Already As Costs Skyrocket And They May Ask For More Subsidies From Los Angeles City ran an item this morning about Grand Avenue Project saying, "The sweetheart deal known as the Grand Avenue project broke ground last week - with a price tag more than twice as much as originally planned. But the project's builder insists the higher cost of $3 billion won't translate into a larger public handout." (May we have that in writing, please?)

Meanwhile, read the article here (it's very short), and read Zuma Dogg's extensive coverage of all the shady "ins and outs" of the Grand Avenue Project. (I did a massive amount of research, including analysis of "insider" business plan of all three phases and interviews with planners, councilmembers and the project developer, himself.)

Grand Ave Project (ZD review)

Grand Ave Project (LA Weekly Article)

LA Live Project (ZD review: It reads like a comedy script!) News Before It Happens!

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