Friday, December 14, 2007

NEW AUDIO: Zuma Dogg on CNBC's "Mad Money" w/Jim Cramer

CNBC got it's first dose of Zuma Dogg today, as he called into CNBC's "Mad Money" to needle Cramer a little about Game Stop stock (that ZD owns).

Keep in mind, the stock was up today, in the worst down market day...BUT IT WAS DOWN THIS WEEK (even though the entire market tanked). BUT ZD ONLY LIKES HIS STOCKS TO GO "UP" -- NEVER DOWN, NOT EVEN ONE PENNY!!!

And I knew Jim would say good things about Game Stock, cause it's a great stock. Meanwhile, as usual, ZD gets off to a combative start. I started my question with, "Except for today...Game Stop had a terrible week...". Which is when Jim cut me off and said, "If you call up .66 cents in the worst down day...". Forcing the Big ZD to cut in to say, "I SAID EXCEPT FOR TODAY". Which caused Jim to show ZD who is boss of the show.

Then, Jim continued to have a little fun at ZD's expense with the next caller.

AUDIO: Zuma on CNBC's "Mad Money" with Jim Cramer

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