Monday, June 25, 2007

YouTube MUST SEE Video: Ted Hayes' Leimert Park Event Video (Permit Holders Denied/Los Angeles City Streets Taken "Hostage" by Radical Protesters


Ted Hayes, the event organizer, was granted a permit to assemble in Leimert Park but that didn’t happen.

WARNING: GRAPHIC AND DISTURBING IMAGES. DO NOT WATCH IN PRESENCE OF CHILDREN. NO VIOLENCE, JUST WORDS. I do not bring this to your attention as a debate on "immigration", but as a window as to the healing that needs to occur in our community. It is very sad to see such devisiveness within the community. Everyone needs to step back and look at the bigger picture. They are both actually on the same side of the problem (political fraud, waste and abuse). It will be a challenge to have everyone unite, because people don't seem to want to unite. There is a lot wrapped up in people's ideas and beliefs, based on hundreds of years of stories being passed down the line. We need to start telling the SAME story. The story of what's happening to everyone (Eminent Domain, tax and fee hikes, traffic, over-construction, and the overall fraud,waste and abuse of city property, time and funds that CREATES MORE of the poverty, they are crying that they want to "end". (Of course, they want YOU to give something back, like your money, to help end this poverty that they cause with their corruption. So the politicians are probably just thrilled to see the diversionary tactic of "the hatfield and mccoys' long as it doesn't start to hurt travel and tourism. THEN, they will have to "have us all just get along".

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