Monday, June 25, 2007

HACO HOANG: $20,000 City Contract to IMPLEMENT "Training" for DONE -- BUT ZD Source Says It Was For Nada! (Where's PROOF OF IMPLEMENTATION?)

SHADY CITY CONTRACT: Gotta love the ZD "Shady Searchers", y'all. [See] It's regarding our favorite racket...Neighborhood Council. Lisa Sarno, as DONE INTERIM GM, gave Haco Hoang was given a contract to do some work.

Title: Haco Hoang
Initiated by: Neighborhood Empowerment
Subject: To develop and implement a comprehensive and diverse training curriculum for the Department's Empowerment Academy and will also assist D.O.N.E. with research grants and other funding opportunities - term of contract 1 year - total amount $20,000. (6-15-06 - Approved by General Manager, Neighborhood Empowerment)

The Board of Neighborhood Commissioners are supposed to oversee contracts, but have never asked for an explanation for the amount of payment and what she did/what the city got for the money? Were grants applied for? Were they ever received? What id Haco do with her time? ZD is having trouble finding evidence of much being DONE at all. (No pun.)

She became was good friends with Sarno while working together in Councilmember Villaraigosa's office, and sources feel that she only got the contract because she needed the money.

Any contact over $20,000 needs to be approved during a public meeting at the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners. Hoang's contract was for $20,000. SURPIRSE!!! Just the amount to not have to be approved by the Board...just Lisa Sarno, herself. (As in HER-self.)

LEMENTED!!! But City money is the people's money, so they would like you to please provide the report documenting these "developments" and "implementations"!!! Wow! Haco must have really interviewed well to get that gig!

[Some say the Mayor arranged the all play, no work contract because the mayor really, really likes Haco, too?]

UNRELATED?: HOW DO VILLARAIGOSA/JACK WEISS OPPONENTS DEFLECT ATTENTION FROM ROCKY'S PR NIGHTMARES? Send ZD some controversial information about some women who work for the City, tell him to fire up the "Shady Searchers" on, and also mention that a bunch of heat is gonna fall down on the mayor regarding more than one woman. [Haco Haung though, I don't see maybe that's just about a shady patronage contract. But the person who tipped me to this doesn't care about a $20,000 DONE contract!]

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