Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Anti-American/Anti-Christian Speech by U.S. President Barack Obama - Aka: #1 Recruiting Tool For His Fellow Muslims, ISIS News/Politics/Pop Culture Blog by Zuma Dogg
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When considering how to degrade ISIS terror across globe; , TODAY, reminds you to REMEMBER & killing in name of Christianity.

WHY is U.S. PRESIDENT SPINNING FOR ISLAMIC MUSLIM SAVAGE KILLERS? Obama, today="So it (killing) is not unique to one group or one religion,"

WHY is 's sole purpose, as U.S. President=defending Islamic Muslim terrorists, w comments about /Christians did terrible deeds in name of Jesus?

NEW GLOBAL ERA!=In 40's, Hitler/Nazis did it, without much international orchestration. Now, works overseas, w fellow .

AMERICANS ASKED WHAT HE'S GONNA DO ABOUT : He lectures on Jim Crow and says Christians ALSO killed in name of religion.

RT=Tell you don't want a Rev Wright lecture on racist history of Christians/America: FOCUS ON DEFENDING U.S. FROM !

hollers, U.S. slave nation/Christians killed in name of religion=DEFENDS =NOT saying what he is doing about =

"So it (killing) is not unique to one group or one religion," said, today. (So, I guess we let continue as their right.)

U.S. MEDIA NEEDS TO/SHOULD STOP printing/reporting the words/comments/press releases of racist/Anti-U.S. divisive hate speaker, .

Americans, Get OFF your high horses. You think are ONLY ONES killing/enslaving in name of religious prophets! What about USA? -

"In USA, slavery too often was justified in the name of Christ," U.S. President told the world, today. (DEFLECTING FOR )

combats / helps recruitment w anti-America speech on U.S. slavery/bad Christian deeds in name of Jesus.

, with his secret nuclear negotiations, to allow Iran nukes; is 's attempt to wipe as many Jews, as possible, off planet.

"Genocide in the name of ." / QUICKLY/EASILY spits out those words, today, but is STILL yet to say same about .

Slavery, Jim Crow, killing in name of Christ=ALL things lectured about, today, in face of ISIS threat across world. GET RID OF OBAMA!

If this were '30s/'40s, would be saying="Nazis are NOT Germans. Nazism is perversion of German State." SO WHAT=DEFEND US FROM NAZIS.


NEW: Watch LIVE (embedded) & stream /// + /Etc links=

"Unwilling, or unable to do so." What military experts say about 's ability to defend U.S. from . RT=REMOVE !

"Remember people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ," said. (WE WANT DEFENSE vs , not Anti-Christian lecture!)

not only WELCOMES diseased, illiterate, American-hating, 3rd World Muslims to U.S.A.=he IMPORTED them. And, plots against Jews.

TODAY, BLASTS U.S.A./CHRISTIANITY!!!: "In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ."

It's becoming clear and certain= simply DOES NOT have what it takes. He does NOT have the heart/mind/spirit/energy/ability.

calls Americans scared of attacks/wanting him to DO SOMETHING TO DEFEND U.S.A., "getting on high horse." He's DEFENSIVE OF ISIS

I KNOW 'S BIG PLAN for America=release terrorists; and replace every White male with Latino, but=DEFEND U.S. FROM !

How come doesn't say, "we invite all Jewish people being run out by , to U.S.A?" Because he wants Jews killed. (He is helping Iran become nuked-up to threaten/attack Israel.)

U.S.A. wants to defend U.S. lives against =HE lectures us on "terrible deeds in name of Christ/U.S. slavery/not unique to ISIS."

is correct that America/Government sells people into slavery. sold all Americans into slavery of mandated . RT

Americans MUST against, #1 threat to U.S. safety: Anti-American/Anti-Christian/Anti-Semite, idealist, racist, dictator !

should tell America what it is=HE knows, that the rest of the world does NOT know. He seems to believe he has exclusive brain powers.

walks with tightest ass; and a hunched, lean. Looks like he's trying to hold in a dump, in his executive pants. (Plus, he's racist.)

= against Anti-U.S./Anti-Christian/Anti-Semite, =DEFENDS in his comments & undermines your heroic efforts.

's mouth is becoming more and more dangerous to the immediate safety of America. Time to yank his ass, send him home to Kenya.

How about this..since Obama is Muslim and he doesn't want to call it MUSLIM TERROR, how about; WHATEVER he wants to call it...JUST END IT!

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