Friday, February 13, 2015 - iRadioLIVE: #News/#Political (Smart-Ass/Politically Incorrect) Tweets by @ZumaDogg (02.13.15)

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Is this why Jon Stewart suddenly quit The Daily Show? (Aka: #Obama's recent mouth)  

"Zuma Dogg has distinguished himself as a mix of curiosity and crusader, fighting for free-speech rights. He's been able to do it with humor and at times be more direct and substantive." - Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti/LATimes
  1. . should use the slogan, "FOX NEWS: America's of Reason"=just to make / blow a gasket. Viewers agree, anyway.
  2. L.A. USED to be safest big city in America. But, now we got =mayor; so it isn't anymore. Now, it's .
  3. says he has a pen and a phone. I say he has a mouth and an asshole; and the two are inexplicably intertwined. Like ISIS & Muslims. :)
  4. Father of student killed on campus over alleged parking dispute says, "hate crime written all over it." NOPE=random folks got shot.
  5. slip?: Called pal, "old butt-buddy." He probably meant to say, "bosom buddy," but too used to using, "butt-buddy," slur.
  6. The Govt has laws to try to keep people from suicide, because they can't lose the tax revenue; (Health Care) money; etc revenue.
  7. "You should never go to for any reason. L.A. people know that. Don't want to get diseases," says FAMOUS .
  8. =a dedicated professional. When you read more and more of his detailed ; he spent a lot of time crafting stories.
  9. New York get all the attention cause it's 0 degrees. But in LA, yesterday, I wore too heavy a sweatshirt; and got hot/wished I were cooler.
  10. .: I've only seen you on , for about a month. I LOVE YOU! You say what I'm screaming at the TV, for me; but better.
  11. . is SO adorable and articulate. Too bad her brain has been severely damaged by liberal education brainwashing system. She's NUTZ!
  12. Anytime a see a white male doing a job, I think, "WOW, that employer is racist/sexist, because an female Latino could be doing it." :(
  13. KEEP checkin facebook, for cute pics of kitty cats/watch sports/Mad Men on Netflix: 's NEW INTERNET RULES WILL AFFECT YOU=STAY SILENT!
  14. Hmm=The more OUTRAGEOUS /- become (especially on this sissy-ass political correct shit)=I become WAY more offensive!
  15. =dumb, watching, liberal, idealist; w NO mgmt experience. CHANGE IN STRATEGY does NOT mean YOU WERE WRONG/LIED=conditions change
  16. Wasn't it about two weeks ago, touted SUCCESS IN ? U.S. Embassy overtaken/U.S military bugs out; leaving weapons/autos behind.
  17. Father of student killed on campus over alleged parking dispute says, "hate crime written all over it." NOPE=random folks got shot.
  18. NOT EVERYONE in USA is a brain-fucked, brainwashed, liberal pussy, who is comfortable letting ISLAM take over. This week shows that.
  19. FIRE at ISLAMIC INSTITUTE in TX. Overnight fire/no one inside=set on purpose? Message to HATE SPREADING ISLAMS IN USA=ASSIMILATE or get out?
  20. =like a trained boxer in () octagon: But, weak-mind, idealist Barack feels adapting strategy=weakness=HOW YOU GET HURT/LOSE!
  21. After being seen, head down, though sleeping; during racist dictator, 's speech, Ginsburg says, "I wasn't 100% sober"=99% drunk.
  22. The daily update for , by ; has been replaced w update by . =simple/shallow/weak monkey mind.
  23. MOST of us, wake up; and frenetically check NEWS to see what latest chaos in world will affect/ruin our lives. checks .
  24. (& USA)...we HAVE a problem: Our U.S. President/Leader of World (supposedly) who feels, "me being me," is shooting air basketball.
  25. : You KNOW you MUST LOSE on Monday; cause in this day and age; it's hateful, sexist & incorrect for a man to be chosen over a woman.
  26. ain't smart; but he thought it was a good idea to pretend to shoot a gun at himself in that video? Image of shooting Prez=dumb!
  27. Never realized how weak/emotionally fragile black people are. They like to break law/rules; and just be allowed to ignore that simple fact.
  28. .: I'm state-of-art, graphic designer. I was asked to submit design for, "The File" w logo. Are you leaving? (Just kidding!)
  29. wants to work toward his dream of being President of The United States. He fantasizes about it; and envisions himself as
  30. New irrational liberal term: : Like when Tony Soprano thinks your piece of the pie is too big= it=He takes HIS piece!
  31. HOW MUCH you wanna bet: If put a bullet in 's head; would be ERADICATED/TOAST in 72 hrs. So WHY is PUSSY footing?
  32. I wish I could just kick back and enjoy watching , like other people, without being physically repulsed. I really HAVE tried.
  33. To not offend American Muslims, U.S. President to change, " Bless America," at end of speeches to, "May We All Be Blessed."
  34. In attempt to better reflect diversity of America, and make all feel at home, to hang national flag at , too.
  35. I wish bullshit-mouth, would run for President, like bullshit mouth, , so HE will GO AWAY for next 200 days.
  36. The more tries to make me like him, w goofy shit (Fruit Loops purple lipstick lady video/NEW clowning in mirror video)=the less I do.
  37. L.A.'s "brain-seizing/legend/genius/superstar/icon." - newspaper/radio quotes. /
  38. : Our editor/blogger/talk host is called, "genius/heroic/superstar/legend/icon," by L.A. news media. :)


AUDIO: #Anonymous group releases video claiming to be in control of internet, toward goal of exposing/taking control of/shutting down #ISIS social media accounts. (Is it really U.S. Military cyber-war vs #ISIS. HOPE SO/HOPE THEY'RE THEY ONLY ONES OUT THERE, WHO CAN DO THAT!) 



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