Sunday, May 16, 2010

Former Mayor Sam Readers Weigh In on Demise of Mayor Sam Blog

Here's a comment from Mayor Sam's blog today from one of his former readers:

Speaking of shooting yourself in the foot. Have you read your blog, lately?

Gosh, you're not kidding. Congrats Mayor Sam, you've successfully turned you blog into the Phil Jennerjahn/Mary Cummins circle jerk. Home of Los Angeles Politics, my ass. You really should add Mary to your list of contributors, since 90% of the comments are from her.

MayorSam, Home of the Phil Jennerjahn Circle Jerk and the School of Sleazy Politics. Congrats! I'm sure you're all so fucking proud.

Thanks for ruining what used to be my favorite blog with your childish, repub PR machine fuckery and petty bullying of Phil. When you start focusing back on the City, I'll be back. For now, I'm heading over to

Michael K. is a much more mature and articulate blogger.

May 15, 2010 10:44 PM

UPDATE: Anti-Sun Tzu strategist Michael "Dark Energy" Hibgy of Mayor Slam's blog warns ZD that bloggers who delete posts have to beware search engines that keep permanent copy on internet. What he doesn't understand, is I am not trying to HIDE the bi-polar-fueled posts in my darkest, most turbulent hours...but when I get the right nutrition in my system, and I'm off to the races (crisis mitigated) I don't want that type of energy out there. I know it makes people uncomfortable and my own friends and those close to me get nervous. BUT I HAVE TO POST THAT AT THE TIME FOR MY OWN OUTLET AND CHANNEL...AND YOU SHOULDN'T READ IT, MAYOR SAM READERS. But Higby allows people to blog about my escalating serious issue in his comment section, just for clicks...and exploits the situation. HE HAS HIS OWN MIRROR HE SHOULD BE LOOKING INTO. TAKE A LOOK AT HIM! HE SHOULD BE SPENDING 100% OF HIS PERSONAL TIME ON HIS OWN PERSONAL HEALTH...NO OFFENSE. But that's the most compassionate thing I can say to the guy. But anyway, screw that dark energy clown. Let him take all my terrible, desperate, bi-polar postings and repost them. IT'S NOT LIKE I CARE, EXCEPT FOR THE REASON I MENTIONED. But if HE'S into spreading that energy, it's on him! THE REASON I TAKE THEM DOWN, IS BECAUSE WHEN I AM COOLED DOWN (thanks today, to a friend from outside L.A. City)...I DON'T WANT PEOPLE TO WORRY...and if Higby didn't promote it in the comment section of his blog, a lot less people may have ever seen it. BUT HE AIN'T ABOUT THE FRAUD, WASTE AND ABUSE THAT IS DIMINISHING YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE. HE'S ON SOME KIND OF DEGENERATE MISSION THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH COMMUNITY BENEFIT.

Here's something relating to the general fund and fraud, waste and abuse.

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