Sunday, August 9, 2009

Zuma Speaks!

Been busy on the campaign trail, lots of catching up to do including some big street talk on the Federal Investigation into City Hall and LAUSD boardmembers.

ZUMA DOGG LOVES MICHAEL HIGBY, STILL: Just to squash any potential gossip regarding Zuma Dogg and the Mayor Sam bloggers, Michael is too good a guy and I like him too much to be able to be mad at over all the shenanigans that has been happening while he has been busy having a life outside the blog. The blog is his hobby, y'all...not his whole life like Zuma Dogg -- and I think he is getting screwed by the people he was gracious enough to allow some added latitude and responsiblity, and they weren't ready for it. Personally, I know times are tough, and
I've heard some people are getting snappier like Zuma Dogg recently. So believe it or not, that makes me feel a little better about some of the treatment I have been getting from these people. And I have even more empathy for them and if I see 'em around town as an activist, I will be happy to see them, as usual. But they may or may not want that. But Higby is in his own separate league in many ways including being "The Blogfather" because he started his most influential blog over 5 years ago. So that make him the forefather of local political blogging in my mind, and you can only love the guy. I DON'T KNOW HOW HE GETS AWAY WITH IT. After a few rounds of emails between ZD and Michael addressing the issues of ZD on the blog, we just called each other and talked to each other and I think we'll be back to old times with each other. IT'S NOT ABOUT WHO THE GUY ENDORSES...In the case of Michael, I don't want this election season stuff to come between us, and I think he is happy to feel the same way. So if nothing else, I'm not gonna let two renegade bloggers take rob ZD of being able to chit
chat and share stuff we hear and all the fun we try to have along the way. Cause here's something fun that may create some fun ZD/Mayor Sam co-blogging:

ZUMA DOGG FOR CITY COUNCIL, The Reality Shoot: Yes, it's true...I was so excited about this, I had to call Higby right away to tell him the feud has to be off, because this is gonna be too fun and we've come too far to fall apart at the finish line: You may remember a month ago a reality crew showed up at City Hall to film some Zuma Dogg for an upcoming TV idea that wasn't originally supposed to be about ZD (there was already a host and they had a concept), but they felt ZD was perfect for the political reality show concept. So they took the cameras to shoot some test stuff. It took a while for them to edit it, cause they work on other stuff and had to do it in between. But they already showed it to some people (HEY DUDE, I WAS WAITING TO SEE IT
FIRST!), AND, bottom line, just got a call, "Zuma Dogg, it's 'Mr. Video Shoot Guy'. Did you make it on the ballot and are you running for city council? I told him yes, and he said that was good because they want to shoot the "Zuma Dogg For City Council" pilot show with a pro-crew, starting....PROBABLY MONDAY. They are in a hurry, and withthe campaign rolling, the time is now. So you may see some boom mics and tripods at some of the next CD2 Candidate forums. And hopefully we can make it out to the Watermelon Festival and other fun events this
election season. DETAILS TO COME.

ZUMA DOGG COCKTAIL EVENT: Mark your calendars for Thursday September 17th for the Zuma Dogg Nightclub Cocktail party with Matt Dowd on guitar. More to come, but now maybe the reality crew will be covering it, too. If you want to buy a $20 ticket (FREE open bar and
appetizers), call ZD, send an email or ask me for one when you see me.

Zuma Dogg was at the Sunland Tujunga CD2 City Council forum and declares David Saltsburg the clear winner of the forum. People said, "He was the only world class candidate up there." And a lot of people were buzzing over the things he was saying and I saw one 90 year old
community member tell Mr. Saltsburg, "I admire what you were saying up there. You were the only one up there telling it like it is." Other people were seen congratulating the candidate including people who worked for some of the other candidates. One of them told David that,
"You struck the right tone, people loved you and I made the decision that you're gonna do it! I can see it." In an exclusive interview with CD 2 Candidate David Saltsburg, he tells Zuma Dogg, I feel good about it and feel I showed up and delivered as I had hoped to. You never know how these things are going to go, but I at least feel good that I remembered to say a lot of the things that I wanted to say and got it out." Saltsburg added, "If I didn't make it to the debate, or didn't
perform as well as I had hoped in my mind, it would have been over as far as any real chance of making it into a run-off. But it went well enough yesterday that I feel momentum now and can't wait for the next events Hope I can make them all. I did so well, it made this one blogger go nuts and post a whole bunch of mean-spirited, out of context and flat out misrepresentations on a popular blog after the event as she saw her friend's candidacy officially come to an end
yesterday. And, YES, it DID!"

DONATE TO ZUMA DOGG: Need PayPal donations to keep the ZD machine moving today and this week. It's HARD TIMES, y'all...I'm hangin' in there and made it to the debate yesterday clean shaven and in a suit and had a great time. But without going too crazy now that I am a don't have to send me $500 like other candidates ask for, but I could use $10 or $20 just to make it through the evening and tomorrow morning. I feel good, but need help, really.

ZUMA DOGG FOR CITY COUNCIL: If you don't like David Saltsburg even though everyone else does because he is too conservative and slick in his clean cut haircut, nice suit and good answers and want something a little more "in your face" and over the top, Zuma Dogg is also on the ballot. He is know as a guy who has shown up to a bunch of the council meetings to speak out and stand up to the corruption and a lot of people tune into the council meetings to see what he has to say on the issue.


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