Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Zuma Dogg TWITTER Updates on Villaraigosa, Trutanich, Greuel and City Hall Inaguration Day Hearsay

  1. Don't worry people, I'll turn on Nuch the second it's merited but he sounded great at today's press conference and won me over from scratch.
  2. Trutanich's 1st Press Conference as City Attorney: First of all, was candid and looks to be more open and transparent than we're used to!
  3. As early campaigner Nuch may have come off green but today when he spoke about office he sounded knowledgeable and innovative with a vision.
  4. I worried about Nuch early on for being green, but that was as a campaigner. When he talks about the office itself now, he sounds KICK-ASS!
  5. I know things are a lot easier said than done in this politically divisive city, but ZD LOVED the way Nuch came off at his press conference.
  6. I know we can never tell what will happen, but I saw Nuch speak at his press conference today and he was FUCKING FANTASTIC IN WHAT HE SAID.
  7. Not to kiss butt, cause I'll turn on him in a second as needed but so far, to the people who voted for Trutanich, I LOVE EVERYTHING HE SAYS.
  8. I attended Carmen Trutanich's 1st press conference. Gotta say, HE SOUNDS FUCKING FANTASTIC! To people who voted 4 him; ALL GREAT SO FAR.
  9. "Damn that Zuma Dogg...he makes my life miserable. And that Doug McIntyre, too!" Was Villaraigosa heard saying that? If so, sorry, brotha!
  10. WATCH OUT DELGADILLO: Not only did ZD hear you're in BIG IRS trouble for alleged shakedown tactics, but Wendy IS going to audit your office.
  11. ZD spoke with new City Controller Wendy Greuel today and she assured me that she WILL be performing City Attorney office audit as requested.
  12. VILLARAIGOSA'S 2nd TERM: Mayor is on VERY short leash because certain departments have indictments waiting to fly if he steps out of line.
  13. To people who think Jack Weiss will get LAX appointment by Villaraigosa. FEDS run the LAX show and even if Villar could...HE WOULDN'T DARE!
  14. To people who "confirmed" that Jack Weiss will be appointed LAX position: Does 90% of LAX money come from FEDS? FEDS SAY "NO JACK WEISS!"
  16. What City Councilmember was heard SCREAMING at City workers at an "LA Port" event over the lights? BETTER GET THOSE FUCKING LIGHTS ON OR...
  17. The reason I believe Villar WAS nervous about a "Zuma Dogg incident" @ today's ceremony is because a cop pulled me over for a "pre-warning!"
  18. Doug McIntyre, Congrats: I hear Villaraiogsa was heard saying, "Damn that Zuma Dogg, he makes my life miserable. That Doug McIntyre, too!"
  19. C'mon Antonio, ZD wouldn't outrageously disrupt during your inauguration. I may hit you up on on blogs but I never shouted at you in public.
  20. Just heard Villaraigosa was nervous "Zuma Dogg" would pull some outrageous stunt/disruption during his inauguration. What? I'm a good boy!
  21. Oh no...just heard Villaraigosa was nervous "Zuma Dogg" would pull some outrageous stunt or be disruptive during inauguration. What? I'm ...
  22. Zuma Dogg is here to tell you FEDERAL bankruptcy Judges will be defending THEMSELVES in Federal Court. ZD knows the shady-busting judge.
  23. ZD EXCLUSIVE: MARK THIS DATE...You will see FED Bankruptcy Judges SUED in FED Court...I hear they are corrupt. SOMEONE IS GOING AFTER YOU!
  24. Just filmed City Attorney Trutanich's 1st press conference in that small press room in his office. Daily News will have details tomorrow.
  25. Guess ZD is the only person in the city to think of bringing a video camera to Carmen Trutanich's FIRST press conference as City Attorney.
  26. Wendy Greuel told Zuma Dogg from her new City Controller's Office that she WILL be auditing the City Attorney's office as requested by Nuch.
  27. I KNEW GARCETTI WAS SHADY: Guess who swore him in at inauguration today: SHADY AS FUCK HENRY CISNEROS! OMG...MORE TO COME!

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