Sunday, May 3, 2009

New York & California PENSION SCANDAL: The "Jack Weiss Fundraiser" (Villaraigosa's City Attorney Canidate)

The Weiss Fundraiser
"Connect The Dots"

New York Pension Scandal + California Pension Scandal
Saul Meyer
Hank Morris
Searle & Company
Wetherly Capital Group
Peter Borges
Daniel Weinstein
Vicky Schiff
Richard Ziman
American Value Partners
Joseph Dear
Christianna Wood (Resigned 2008)CALPERS
Fred Buenrostro (Resigned 2008)CALPERS
Dennis Johnson (Resigned 2008)CALPERS
Russell(Resigned 2008)CALPERS
Bill AB 2940
Tony Oliveira
Shelley Smith
Kurato Shimada
Louis F. Moret
Richard Alatorre
RICO-Las Vegas Boxing
Albert Robles-South Gate, CA
Palladium Equity Partners
Wilshire Associates
Andrew Junkin
Kelly Candaele
Tony Blain
James K. Hahn
Monique Moret
Fleishman & Hillard
Fabian Nunez
Antonio Villaraigosa
Ron Burkle
Sean Harrigan
Elliott Broidy
Lecine Leichtman Capital Partners
Credit Suisse
Jack Weiss Fundraiser
and more...

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NOTE: There is a city attorney election this May 19th featuring Jack Weiss on the ballot (Villaraiogsa's hand picked and personally-backed candidate.) The name of the other guy running is "Trutanich."

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