Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More on Wetherly Pension Scandal As it Moves CLOSER To L.A. City Hall (Email from Zuma Dogg to his Insider on Pensiongate 2009)

Go to http://ladailyblog.com/ for FULL insider coverage of the Wetherly, State of California and New York State pension scandal (Pensiongate 2009) that may likely touch City Hall, possibly as high up as the mayor's office. Goodbye Villagrosa when it comes to Governor hopes, and Goodbye Jackass Weiss for City Attorney! (Jack is backed by Wetherly Capital and Wetherly's top dogg threw a fundraiser for Jack, AT HIS HOME...the fundraiser that Villaraigosa's pension commissioner was a part of (with his name on the invitiation that he resigned over, shortly thereafter.) So go to LA Daily Blog for that, but this very related item, first!

To: Zuma's Inside Source for Wetherly Pension Scandal Info (Pensiongate 2009)
Fr: Icon Zuma Dogg
Dt: 05/12/09
Re: Guilty Pension Plea ROCKS Los Angeles Powerbrokers and Politicians.

Did you see that Julio Ramirez pleaded GUILTY yesterday to security and exchange fraud, in what the NY Attorney General says includes two cases of "money laundering" and Dan Weinstein's name is mentioned. Plus, Julio is going to COOPERATE with the Feds.

I know you were mentioning his name to me for good reason, regarding a conversation you had with Mr. Ramirez when the two of you were driving together; while you were on retainer at Wetherly Capital, at the time of the board meeting, which you attended, then left abruptly, after discovering what you believe to be "smoking gun" evidence of election fraud in the 2002 Gubernatorial election when Gray Davis won re-election against Bill Simon, at the same time Mr. Julio Ramirez was working to raise $100 million in a "special situation" fund for Simon & Sons to come from various pension funds from across the country including CalPERS and CALSTAR. And a lot more unraveling is certain to occur, now that Mr. Ramirez is cooperating will end up exposing the "big picture" that is the root of the corruption that you feel Zuma Dogg and others are feeling , at the evryday street level.

So to me, it's about a three or four layer tier of overall mastermind shady corruption that we are talking about. The Gray Davis election fraud scandal that you speak of I put at level two. So now we are at level one.

It is possible that the Feds will not go so deep as to bring up the 2002 stuff, but you know more about it than I.

I spoke about this scandalous cronistic pension-pinching, city robbing crisis today at the Los Angeles City Council meeting that is broadcast four times on City TV 35 (Time Warner cable). But what the cameras were not able to show, while they were focused on my sleep and hunger deprived speech before council, were THEIR FACES as they watched in HORROR as Zuma Dogg spoke publicly, on TV for the first time, tying it all together in such a way, naming names of their cronies. There was NO DOUBT, I have never had their FULL attention, more.

Especially since Councilmember Janice Hahn was chit-chatting on the side, while I was beginning to speak, and it only "fired-me up" and unleashed the "Zuma Dogg" when it was going to be a mildly-delivered, news report type of delivery.

I can't begrudge Ms. Hahn for failing to remember who was at the podium, and I had not yet mentioned, "pension commissioners" (that her brother James Hahn appointed when he was L.A. mayor, before Villaraiogsa). And she had not heard me yet speak the name of Wetherly Capital, so she probably didn't feel the need to stop her relentless and dim-witted, meaningless chit-chat...WHEN HER BROTHER IS THE CAUSE OF THIS WHOLE MESS CREEPING INTO CITY HALL UNDER HIS BLIND AND PERHAPS CRIMINALLY NEGLECTFUL EYES!

But the main problem is I was trying to explain $7 million in pension losses and the entire shady story tying to your car pool mater, Julio, and I couldn't think and speak with her nutty chit-chat blabbering in my ear. She can't even understand the things in which you write of, even if she concentrated. But that's o.k., Janice wasn't elected because of her smarts, but because of her name. But I'm sure she's not dumb enough to get caught up in any of her big brother's neglectful corruption.

So we shall see if any of the "smoking gun" evidence glares bright enough to end up shining light on the corruption of which you speak.

And if you have yet not read of Mr. Ramirez and his what is now looking to be his "partners in crime" at Wetherly, go immediately to http://ladailyblog.com/ to read about it all.

And if you feel there is any additional light you can shine, that you would like me to bring to the attention of the masses including, hopefully, California Attorney General Jerry Brown's office, now that I contacted his office directly to inform them of the leads that are being blogged about, that you are providing, please send it over at as you desire at ZumaDogg@Gmail.com.

I feel that between Governor Schwarzenegger, the message I left with Attorney General Jerry Brown referring him to my blog, spending some time today in person with L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca, where we took a nice picture togethert that I hope to be able to post soon, and my city council appearance today to be repeated three more times on Citywide cable TV, and a few additional key people who I have discussed this "special situation" with, I'm sure if I slip on a banana peel and become injured in any way, some of those folks might remember who I have been blogging about. And all the names are blogged at http://ladailyblog.com/. And people have to remember who post threats to me on my blog, that it does not matter whether I am too scared, or not...I am compelled to "EXPOSE IT" as Governor Schwarzenegger told me to do, yesterday when we discussed this matter. Imagine how surprised he must have been when he heard, later that day, that Julio pleaded guilty, tied to Dan and Wetherly, as I was just mentioning to him!

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