Thursday, September 6, 2007

ZD Gets Inspiring Shout-Out from Knoxville, TN Just As I Was About To Unplug My Laptop

Here's a little day in the life story that I don't usually blog about. But I just got a call from some "fans" in Knoxville, TN and it kinda rocked me, emotionally, more than any other of the hundreds of similar calls I have received since the days I started posting my cell phone number on some of the public access shows I used to air (some of which now run on YouTube with the same current cell phone number. Now many of have met and spoken with ZD many times, and it's no big deal, and as a hungry and homeless, broke-ass "whatever it is I am" -- there IS that YouTube "larger than life" image, that doesn't reflect the other more miserable 23 hours of the day. And let me say, that today, especially, I'm just kinda burnt out mentally, in the sense that there is so much info that has flooded in recently, that I'm kinda overwhelmed, and I kinda burn-out. So just as I'm reaching over to unplug my computer and try and think out something other than City opertations, my cell phone rings:

Caller: Zuma Dogg?

ZD: Yeah.

Caller: is this THE Zuma Dogg? (As if being ZD is such a big profitable deal, that there would be impersonators out there.)

ZD: Yeah, yeah.. (A little more "ZD" to confirm it.)

Caller: (Can't beleive it's really ZD says) It's like I'm talking to a celebrity. (WHAT DO YOU MEAN "LIKE"!)

His friend is in the background and they are all happy and laughing cause they are talking to me. And he tells me they just found my videos on the internet and have been watching them for the past two days. (From Jerry Lewis Marathon to ZD martathon!)

That's the part that is nothing new, and since I don't have ratings, or box office receipts, or Soundscan (data) to tell me if anyone is out there paying attention and watching, I am always happy to receieve the call and take the time to find out more.

So I ask, "What City do you live in?" (Expecting somewhere in L.A.) But he says, "Knoxville, TN." (So I am even MORE stoked, since it's outside the City (national). And he adds that he was in Iraq and was sent home with an injury and is now thinking of moving to Los Angeles.

He slid the part about Iraq by real quick, and I answered some of his questions about L.A. that he had, but then I went back to, "Did you say you were in Iraq? What did you do there?" I don't like to be presumptuous, but of course he was a soldier, telling me he was there for nine months and was sent home with an injury.

So I asked him if he was recovered? He brushed over it with a, "Oh yeaaaaah...I'm fine!" Then continues, "We've been watching you the past two days on YouTube...keep doing what you're doing." I commented how there must not be much to do in Knoxville, from what people tell me. And he went back into how much they were trippin' on the videos. But I was a littel more interested in the fact that the guy served in Iraq, and that he's back; and it was the most gratifying call of all if THIS guy was getting enjoyment out of my miserable efforts. (Especially on a day when I am so burnt, as I was unplugging my computer early in the day to go to the beach, or something, instead of finish my CRA/LA Times story follow-up, SW Museum update and the other fun things in my inbox to look over.) Plus, all the video uploading and show producing and blogging about that outside the mayor sam world.

But the more I tried to express an interest in his effort as an injured soldier from Iraq, HE just kept repeating back to me, "Keep doing what you're doing." Anyone else, I would have snapped back how burnt I am, and how hungry and homeless I am, and how miserable I am and I hope I never read another agenda item again, I just thanked him, got a refill on my coffee and kept my computer plugged in.

COMING SOON: CRA follow up story on LA Times story. SW Museum update. (Not very pueblo-freindly) Vernon power plant protest. And way too many things in Huizar's district, especially. Hey Jose! Why is it that every time my phone rings or I check my email it's from someone in your district? BRO...YOU GOTTA GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

So I may not get paid, and I may suffer from a lot of uncomfortableness that is a CONSTANT issue with me 24/7, basically. And it keeps getting worse, not better; but all I can say is a call like that is very rewarding and inspiring and about the worst call I could have gotten because it makes it that much harder to take a vacation. And those two haters on Mayor Sam who complain about me either better simply sent their gripes about me to mayor sam at, or say them to my face, in person. No more anonymous pussy comments about me personally. You're welcome to criticize me on my content, but not on my living conditions or how much of a (whatever) you think I am. I KNOW WHO YOU TWO ARE AND I KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. Again, send your complaints to Mayor Sam, say the things you say about me, to me -- in person, as I do to the people I criticize, otherwise shut up. When a recovering Iraq war vetern from Knoxville calls me to tell me he is enjoying the past two days watching my videos, do you think I care what YOU have to say about it?



Anonymous said...

Zuma - I'm not a MAV staffer or politico - I just live and work in LA and have been reading your posts on Mayor Sam for a few months. Don't listen to the morons who attack you personally. You're shining light on their heretofore shady activities. I do worry about you being hungry though. What in the hell has to happen for you to eat regularly? Don't you have friends or family in Cleveland?

Anonymous said...

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