Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Zuma Dogg Tweets for January 06, 2016 & NEW #TalkRadio Show Podcast on Local/National Politics

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    Zuma Dogg/Venice Beach, CA
    Email: - Text: 213.785.7272

    "Legend"/KABC - "Brain-seizing artistry. A superstar, icon"/LA Weekly - "Stunned and amazed. We've never seen anything like him. Treasure."/LA Times - "Heroic"/AM 870 - "Crusader"/L.A. Mayor Garcetti - "A Malibu celebrity"/Malibu Times - "Very funny. We gotta get ZD on the show."/Howard Stern

  1. You KNOW is gonna make fun of him, for it. is now wearing elevator shoes to look taller. (Little boy jokes.)
  2. RE: New : Axl is AMAZING vocalist, and amazing for a 50 yr old; but his diminished vocal performance will haunt him/tour.
  3. I just sneezed with the window open, facing the street=got bigger ratings than WITH , but I live on a busy street.
  4. "Heroic/Legend/Brilliant/Treasure/Superstar/Genius/Crusader/Icon." - Newspapers/L.A. Talk Radio on . VIDEOS=
  5. NEW: : Topics: FBI probe of L.A. Housing Dept & ZD's social-political rant: Good listen/intro show
  6. of =frog in water, as temp is slowly turned up=boils to death. You play games/facebook/watch sports= destroys USA.
  7. WON'T NEED TO WASTE TIME PULLING YOU OVER: Cars will have tracking devices. Break speed limit=auto-ticket in mail-Info sent to insurance co.
  8. COMING TO AMERICA: =will haunt you worse than a credit score. You link to anti-gov't articles/people=your score goes DOWN.
  9. Democracy/Your Rights requires your attention/participation & it's like a rugby game=other side always trying to strip the ball. WAKE UP NOW
  10. If is cracking down on gun ownership; causing RECORD level gun sales; says to me=he's handing to in 2016.
  11. I'm not a gun owner; but I think 's over-reach/ on new laws will HAND to in 2016. BIG RISK
  12. Kids now growing up/being raised without mother's attention; because she's addicted to a mobile device; and pays NO attention to kid. BAD!
  13. women=slow down grocery store checkout lines; cause they only use one hand; as other hand RELENTLESSLY clutches device. IN-SANE!
  14. women have basically physically disabled themselves; as they lost use of entire arm, by constantly holding a device in one hand.
  15. Brainwashed/brain-twisted/game-playing/Kardashian-watching, college campus protesters go NUTZ over a wrong word=silent over child abuse/etc.
  16. When you order coffee; clerks say, "Hey, how's it goin? What's up!?," instead of, "Your order, please?" They're a pal, boosting your esteem!
  17. is saying there is a grand jury probing him; and he's going to be arrested, soon, according to .
  18. =FastFurious/opens borders/creates ISIS/Iran nuke deal/imports Syrian refugees/weakened military=THEN, takes your guns for a TAKEOVER!
  19. TYRANNY/DICTATORSHIP=Peoples' view differs from 's. Gallup Poll=2% Americans say is top issue. It's 's top issue.
  20. Q: What's the difference between & ? A: Their last name; and Clinton didn't give women drugs, before he raped them.
  21. Black unemployment has DOUBLED under first black President, . FYI: He's a radical, Islamic Muslim; who prays to Mecca in White House.
  22. L.A. City Hall took the DWP maintenance/repair $$$ and pilfered it=L.A. sewers/pipes can't handle heavy rain=FLOODING of streets/sidewalks.
  23. 's Final Year=Kinda like the final scene of, "Thelma & Louis." Wait, we're already IN to final scene=the car is already off the cliff.
  24. History will prove was dumb. Wait, it's already been proven.

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