Sunday, January 6, 2008

California City News Covers LA Times Coverage of Zuma Dogg at City Hall

Thanks to California City News for their take on the LA Times article from yesterday about LA City Council that featured Zuma Dogg.


January 05, 2008

Gadfly Immortality?

You know a gadfly has hit the big time when the LA Times is following their exploits. Last week, the Times' Joel Stein authored a piece, "Open Mike at L.A.'s City Hall" following renowned public commentator Zuma Dogg, a Gadfly Hall of Fame favorite. Called "the undisputed master of the general comment genre" in the article, Mr Dogg has been 'gracing' LA council meetings for close to two years.

It seems Stein, who had a minute or so of time himself during public comment last week, prepared for his speaking opportunity by studying Zuma Dogg's ever growing library of youtube videos, some of which are just plain hilarious. Including new insights into the career of perhaps the state's most famous gadfly.

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WOW! First of all, the LA Times article was about City Council, not Zuma Dogg -- although I was a part of it. So the fact that council didn't even get a mention is a victory for the little guy...Big ZD!

"New insights?" I didn't even know there were "insights." Who is insighting over ZD? I'm flattered!?!?

Please don't call it a "career" though, because you give the illusion that I am getting paid.

And I wasn't aware that I was "statewide." NICE!

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