Sunday, November 25, 2007

NEW Website Resource Page For Stock Investors & Global Economic Trends

Click here for

It's one simple page you can go to for links to videos, live TV streams, news wires, updates and analysis. A one-stop resource page for financial investors in a global economy. I know a lot of people reading are investors in the stock and other financial markets. I know a lot of investors subscribe to a "buy and hold" strategy, because they are in it for the "long-run".

However, I think the time is now to start monitoring the markets and your portfolio with a little more frequency than in previous times. Zuma Dogg is elevating the "investors alert" level a couple notches. was created to allow you to more closely monitor the markets, and provide basic, fundamental (yet somehow innovative) investment strategies to help you avoid the financial land mines in this volatile market.

(I have a feeling even the harshest of ZD critics will be able to appreciate this site. No need to thank me. I simply put it together for myself, so I could have all the links I used each day, in one place.)

Make sure you check out all the videos from Jim Cramer, Fast Money,, Dr. Deming and of course...ah hem...Big ZD. (And the site was even designed so haters can easily avoid the ZD videos!)

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